Ruger Model 3701 LCP 380 ACP 6 round Pistol Review

Ruger 3701 LCP 380 ACP

I bought this gun years ago and have carried it more than any other pistol I own. This is the lightest handgun that I have. It is not as accurate as other pistols I have but it will suffice as a backup. The gun is very light, easy to conceal and has never had any firing problems. I use Promag magazine and Ruger OEM mags. No jams with either of the mags. Weighs about 10 oz and has no safety. The gun has some kick with the small frame but overall I am very pleased with this gun and would recommend to anyone if you are looking for a lightweight conceal carry weapon. Ruger has introduced the LCP II which is a great buy as well. My picture that is shown is using the Ruger 90416 7 round magazine which gives it the extra round and has an extended grip. The only con to this weapon is the 6 round mag without the pinky extension allows the pinky of my hand to miss the bottom of the grip. With that said buy you some pinky extensions or the 6 rnd mag.


Author: gunuser1


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